Your Guide to Financial Zen

Wallet Monk provides personalized insights and strategies
to help you better manage and grow your money.



All your money in one place

View your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and investments in one place. Save time with automated bank feeds.

Stay on top of your spending

Personalized insights that help you effortlessly understand and manage how you spend, save, and invest your money.

Knowledge = Power

No more being blindsided by the "man". Get timely alerts for large payments, potential fraud, bank or overdraft fees.

We are serious about privacy

With multiple safety measures like secure encryption and system-wide security scans, we work hard to keep your information protected.


We Simplify Budgeting

Smart monthly budgets that not only give you timely alerts when spending slips out of control but also provide recommendations on ways to change your daily habits. Wallet Monk uses crowdsourced feedback and machine learning to continuously improve the experience for everyone who uses it.

Start immediately

Based on your income and bills, a spending plan is automatically generated.

Set savings goals

Get insights on how to maximize your savings or to get to your goal faster.


Monitor Subscriptions & Bills

Keep track of your recurring expenses and let Wallet Monk automatically detect those bills and subscriptions you may have forgotten you are paying for. Our users have collectively found (and then canceled) over 100,000 forgotten subscriptions for a savings of over $2,200,000 a month.

No more unwanted recurring payments

Receive alerts when old and new renewing subscriptions are detected.

No more late fees

Never miss a payment with notifications when subscriptions and bills are due.


Discover your Net Worth

Your net worth is an equation: every valuable thing you own (cash and assets) minus what you owe (debts and liabilities). Wallet Monk automatically calculates your current net worth and projects your future financial growth, updating automatically as your accounts change.

Auto account synchronization

Connect to over 11,000 financial institutions across the United States and Canada.

Track your home and physical assets

In addition to account feeds, Wallet Monk supports manual tracking of your physical assets and your home’s appreciation.


You are the Captain Now

Custom rules created by you to ensure accurate automated transaction categorization, tagging and naming every time. Easily search, sort, and filter -- no more long manual reconciliation every month. Finally you have full control of your data!

Categorize your way

Add, rename, and delete categories at will, whenever you want with no limitations.

No more inaccurate categorization

Once you create a rule, every new transaction will automatically be placed in your designated category.

Wallet Monk is completely free!

For a limited time, to help our community find their financial zen even faster, Wallet Monk is being offered for zilch, nada, $0, free. Enjoy!